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The Hostages and Missing Families Forum

 The Hostages and Missing Families Forum is the leading, independent forum, dedicated to securing the release and return of the hostages and missing persons taken during the brutal Hamas terror attacks in Israel on October 7th.

The forum was established within 24 hours of the horrific terror attack and is led by a dedicated team of volunteer professionals from diverse fields, including mental health services, media, advertising, legal services, diplomacy experts and fundraising.

The forum offers families holistic support and professional assistance and advances the ongoing efforts through all channels, locally, regionally and globally, to bring the hostages and the missing back home to their loved ones.

Currently, they represent 95% of the families of those being held hostage and provide valuable support and content assets to grassroots campaigns efforts worldwide for their independent initiatives. Recognized as the main representative of the families, the campaign leaders met with President Biden
during his recent visit to Israel.



Click here to visit the Forum website

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